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About Gavin

With over 20 years residence in Seattle, I’m an ambassador, enthusiast, concierge, and advocate for everything that makes this area great. I’m a husband, dad, board game geek, motorcycle enthusiast, roller skater, former rock and roll musician, and real estate junkie. I’m not sure if I chose this profession or if it chose me, I honestly can’t imagine doing anything else. 

My professional focus always has been and always will be to so comprehensively meet your needs that you can’t wait to tell your friends that they have to get in touch with me. That’s my business model, you won’t see my face on taxi cabs or grocery carts, I’m devoted to focusing my energy on you and then anybody I’m lucky enough for you to send my way.

Buyers, Sellers, Investors, Relocation, Commercial, Second homes

Phone: 206.395.6266



Buy a Home

Whether you are a first time home buyer or a home buying vet, you’ll find my guidance, knowledge, experience, negotiation strategies, and analysis, indispensable tools in your kit. Contact me now, let’s get a conversation started!

Sell a Home

Perhaps you never thought you’d sell it. You loved it and still do. Your home is a place where your memories were made, where you made an immeasurable investment of time, money, and energy. I get it, and you deserve to have your greatest investment represented by somebody who knows the value of blood, sweat, and tears.


Are you considering: purchasing a multiplex, purchasing a second home and renting it, converting your basement into an income property?

Do you wonder: what is my gain on this property if I buy it with cash? Can I gain more if I purchase with leverage? How long should I hold a property before cashing in? Can I make more on a real estate investment than my mutual funds are bringing in?

I’m a Certified Real Estate Analyst (CREA) and I’m trained in how to compute these things so you are armed with all the information you need before pulling the trigger on your investment. Best of all, my analysis is free if you are an active client of mine.




“Gavin helped us sell our home. Gavin is one of the most trustworthy people I have ever met. He has an amazing ability to remain level headed and to think through long term implications for everyone involved. He doesn't cut corners for short term gain. His technical/legal knowledge or real estate was deep. He sweated the small stuff around preparing the house. If you need an agent in Seattle, I highly recommend contacting him. Thanks Gavin for all your hard work on our house!”



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