Gavin Gregory

Gavin Gregory​

Century 21 North Homes

You already own a home and know the value of ownership. You reap the emotional rewards of pride and security, and you have a taste of the financial benefits in equity gains, tax deductions and credits and you wonder if you can go further with it. The answer is in the math.
Are you considering - 
- purchasing a multiplex?
- purchasing a second home and renting it?
- converting your basement into an income property?
Do you wonder - 
- what is my gain on this property if I buy it with cash?
- can I gain more if I purchase with leverage?
- how long should I hold a property before cashing in?
- can I make more on a real estate investment than my mutual funds are bringing in?
I'm a Certified Real Estate Analyst (CREA) and I'm trained in how to compute these things so you are armed with all the information you need before pulling the trigger on your investment. Best of all, my analysis is free if you are an active client of mine.